Saturday, September 22, 2012

Latest Creation - Small Tote Bag

This project started as a lunch bag for my daughter. Every year I'm concerned about the germs in lunchbags and wish I could just throw it all in the washer and dryer to feel like it is more clean.

So I finally decided to create the bag I wanted. This pink and brown bag is insulated and has a pull out lining. The only problem is that the bag is not moisture resistant. I've been looking for a way to resolve this, and still have it be machine washable. But without complete success.

I really wanted to make these and sell them on Etsy, but figure people will want them to be moisture resistant in case the chocolate pudding spills inside or something.

Finally, I decided to make it into a tote bag for now. That's what this blue and yellow bag is. It fits my scriptures so well. I think I'm going to make one for myself that's purple and gold. So excited to see how that one turns out.

I love the little triangle pockets on the front. Inside I designed one of the four pockets to hold pens and pencils.  The other three are big enough for things like cells phones and whatever else. The flower on the front is fun. I've been making lots of these with many more ideas of what to do with them. More later on that.



  1. What about PUL? It's water resistant and you can wash it and you can find it in fun colors and patterns. :)

    1. I've looked at that option, but it limits me a bit. I think I might have figured it out though.

  2. These are so cute! I've only attempting bag making once and although I was pretty happy with the result it took me forever to make!! So I've been put off making another! Love the idea of lunch bags that you can throw in the wash though, you might just have tempted me to give it a try! (Or maybe I'll just be back to buy one from your Etsy shop!)

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog!