Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Angora Dream

Here he is...Alfred, my angora dream.

Many years ago, maybe ten or fifteen, I saw a picture of an English Angora. I've been interested in spinning for about that long too and had this vision of keeping English Angoras and spinning their wool.

At the time I had a house full of young children and was homeschooling them. I read about how much time is involved in caring for one of these beautiful rabbits, and knew that dream was for a different season of my life.

Evidently, that season has arrived. With the children becoming more independent and some of them beginning to leave home, we started looking. And one Saturday afternoon this ball of fluff came home with us. He's alot of work, but has a great temperament.

The other day I plucked my first real handful of wool. I've been collecting what I get just from grooming him, but this was beautiful wool that looks like I could spin it right now.

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