Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Toxic Cleaners

Years ago I read and learned alot about toxic cleaners. At the time I heard some interesting stories about how they use certain bug sprays to test the affectiveness of military equipment, because the toxicity of these sprays is similar to what our soldiers could encounter in the field. This and other information caused me to question what I bring into my home.

Now let me clarify. I think we can go overboard with such information as well. But we live in a toxic world.

I've seen products come out in the past fifteen years that prove people are becoming more aware of this problem. I was creating my own non-toxic cleaners before these products were options. Such options can still provide inexpensive ways to clean a house without bringing the toxins in.

I wonder how much interest there is in these kinds of cleaners that you can make yourself. I'd love some feedback on this. If you think this is an interesting topic, and would like to see posts on this blog that include instructions for making your own non-toxic cleaners, please comment. Or if you know of other places on the web where this type of information can pe accessed, please include that link here.


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