Monday, October 8, 2012

Spinning English Angora

Look at this beautiful basket of wool I've collected from Alfred, my english angora. It is so soft to touch. My children can't stand to not touch it. One son told me it's like air, because it is so soft. I have to agree that it is fun to play with. Harder to work with than sheep wool though. Because it if so fine, it almost flies away. When I'm working, I have to really keep track of it. Sometimes I find random bits of wool stuck to my clothes and such.
Here's what it looks like as I spin it. I'm working on a drop spindle. Robin, at Pioneer Spinster, taught me that the spindle is a great way to begin spinning. I do have alot more control over it than when I've had the chance of sitting down to a spinning wheel. Or rather, I can go slower while I work with the fiber. It's been a great way to start spinning and now as I work with a fiber that is completely new and different it is nice to take my time with it.

If you have done any spinning, and blogged about it, I invite you to post your link here.

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